Addie Pearl David Taylor, grandaughter of Mijamin Priest

Online References:

Sarah Bailey and James H. David Bible Record

Addie was born 2 April 1886 and died 7 June 1960.
Addie married Utah Taylor 21 Mar 1906, Jacksonville, Texas.
Issue of Addie Pearl David and Utah Taylor:

Child Born Married Spouse Died
Leslie David 15 Jan. 1909 6 April 1935
25 Dec. 1939
Janice Smirl
Ruth Serene Hunter
27 May 1993
Adell 4 Mar. 1907 12 June 1926
  Fred Knowlton Dodge 12 Jan. 1995

Adelle Taylor, greatgrandaughter of M. Priest Leslie David Taylor, greatgrandson of M. Priest

David Taylor's name at birth was Leslie David.  When he went into service he knew he would be called by first name regardless so he listed his middle name first and thereafter went by David L. Taylor.   Ruth Hunter's name was not actually Hunter.  Ruth's family came from the German area of Texas and took the Hunter name.

At one time we had a document giving the name of Utah Taylor as Eutah.  He used Utah in his adult years.

David and Ruth had three children:  Terry Hunter, Susan Hunter (Tony), and Vicky (Victoria Ann).

Terry had one child.  Tony married Roger Johnson and has three daughters.  The youngest daughter is Samantha. Tony writes children's stories.  The best know in East Texas is How Many Miles to Jacksonville.

  Terry, Vicky, and Tony Taylor

Left to right: Terry, Vicky, Tony
Terry b. 26 Occ6 1940, Tony b. 20 Jan 1942, Vicky b. 15 Nov. 1944

Adelle and Fred had three children: John David, Fred Knolton (06 Feb 1931-05 Apr 1998) and Robert Taylor.

John David Dodge

John David Dodge
14 Aug 1927 -
Fred Knowlton Dodge, Jr.

Fred Knowlton Dodge
6 Feb. 1931 - 5 April 1998 Refugio, Tx.
Robert Taylor Dodge
7 July 1939 -

John David Dodge did not marry.

Freddie married Jackie Dillard and had two children Jody and Kevin.  Jody married Harold and has two sons Jake and Michael.

Bobby married twice and had two daughters.  The second was named Gymbol.

Utah Taylor died 3 Sept. 1954.

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