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Postmasters of Texas
Sarah Bailey and James H. David Bible Record
Information from Cedar Hill Cemetery

Sarah Bailey Priest David was born 6 July 1852, Woodville, Texas.
Sarah Bailey Priest David died  21 Nov. 1940, Jacksonville, Texas.
Sarah Bailey Priest married William Lewis David Feb. 22, 1870

 Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas.
Sarah Bailey Priest David married James H. David 30 Sept. 1900.
Issue of Sarah Baily Priest and William Lewis David (22 Feb 1832- 7 Oct. 1895):

Child Born Married Spouse Died
William Mija March 1, 1871 March 1, 1903 Leona Belle Austin July 11, 1936
Mary Lou Oct 15, 1873 Oct 15, 1890
19 Dec. 1906

George B Engledow
H. McIlvin

July 24, 1955

Eugene Stanhope Feb 16, 1876 Jan 14, 1906 Lillie Fry Dec. 12, 1963
Bertie Love Nov 13, 1878 Nov 15, ? Charles Coleman Thompson June 13, 1965
Anna Laura (Bon) July 8, 1881 Sept 10, 1905 William Francis Tucker Sept. 30, 1971
Addie Pearl April 2, 1886 Mar. 21, 1806 Utah Taylor Jun 7, 1960

Sarah Bailey Priest
 and first husband,
 William Lewis David.

James H. David

James H. (Connie) David (5 Dec. 1858 - 10 Dec. 1938),
 second husband of Sarah Bailey
and nephew of William Lewis David
Sarah Bailey Priest and William Lewis David


Sallie with grandchildren Forrest Thompson, Pauline Thompson, Willie Bailey Engledow.

Grannie David, Forrrest, Pauline, and Willie
The David House
The David House - South Bonner Street, Jacksonville, Texas
Circa 1903

Left to right - Upper Level:  Unknown, Bon, Addie, Bert holding Forrest, Pauline, Leona with Donald, James H. David, Sallie
Lower level:  Two guests

Grannie and the Girls

Grannie and the Girls
Standing: Willie, Addie, Bon, and Lula
Seated:  Grannie, AKA Sarah Baily Priest David.
Picture made in front of Aunt Addie's house on South Bolton Street, Jacksonville, Texas

David, William L. 2-22-1832 d. 10-7-1895
Buried Cedar Hill Cemetery, Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas

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