Rupert Clyde Priest

  Rupert Clyde Priest  

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Cedar Hill Cemetery

Children of R.. C. Priest and Lottie Copeland

Child Born Married Spouse Died
Benjamin E. Oct. 1, 1913   Ruth Hinshaw July 14, 1969
Margaret Elizabeth Oct. 6, 1916   Edwin A. Dickey Nov. 14, 1991

Clyde and Lottie Priest had two children Margaret Elizabeth Priest Dickey and Benjamin E. Priest.

Margaret ( ?- 14 Nov. 1991) and  Edwin Dickey and had four daughters:  Angela, Sarah (Mrs Joe Donald Drewery), Dixie (Mrs. Donald D. Acker, Janie  (Mrs. Russell Barber)

Benjamin Priest (1 Oct. 1913 - 16 July 1969) died in Dallas Texas in 1969 at the age of 55.  He is buried in Calvary Hill Cemetery.
His children are Benita Ann (Bunny) Priest Nance and Gerald Allen Priest.

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