Susan Elizabeth Priest and Samuel A. Willson

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Issue of Susan Elizabeth Priest and Samuel Andrew Willson

Samuel Andrrew Willson

S. A. Willson

Child Born Married Spouse Died
Mary Alice 28 Aug 1855   Benjamin Clay Hosmer 1941
Samuel Priest 15 Jul. 1858

24 Oct. 1877

Linnie Naomi Francis 16 Oct. 1932
Frank Sexton 27 Sept. 1860     October 12, 1861
Minnie 26 Sept. 1864     October 12, 1861
Elizabeth (Zee) Lou-Ellen 15 Feb 1866 9 Dec. 1886 John Howard Meeks 1950
Lela 1869   R. A. Barrett  
Birdie Vivian 6 Dec. 1874   Walter B. Whitman  
Susan Elizabeth Priest

Susan Elizabeth

The picture of whom I believe to be Susan Elizabeth , a detail from the picture below, comes from the Willson Family.
Though we do not have this identical picture I feel we have a picture of the same woman. 
Sarah Bailey Priest David kept a cigar box with family memorabilia.  In this box are several old tin types I feel sure are members of the Priest family.  Am currently trying to identify them.

Susan Elizabeth Priest Willson, S. A. Willson and Mary Alice
    Believed to be Samuel A. and Susan E. Priest Willson
 with Mary Alice


Miss Lizzie Lou Willson
Miss Lizzie Lou Willson b. Feb 1866
Sept. 9
Tintype  from Sarah Bailey Priest David's trunk
Samuel Andrew Willson
 S. A. Willson
Picture from Sarah Bailey Priest David's trunk

Hosmer, Benjamin Clay 1855-8-16-1922 &
Hosmer, Alice Willson 1855-1941

Buried Cedar Hill Cemetery, Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas

Willson, Sam Priest 1858-1932 &
Willson, Linnie Naomi 1860-1910
Willson, Max 5-21-1885 d. 7-1-1885 (son of S.P. & L.N.)
Buried Cedar Hill Cemetery, Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas

Mrs. S. P. Willson died August 1910 at the age of 50.  At the time of her death her daughter Fay, Mrs. R. O.  Watkins, lived Jacksonville; daughter Zoe, Mrs. W. J. Townsend, Jr.,  lived Lufkin, and Miss Vi Willson was living at home in Texarkanna.

Zoe Willson Townsend, daughter of S. P. and L. N. Willson was born in 1881 and died 1929. She is buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas
Zoe married W. J. Townsend and was living in Austin, Texas in 1919.

Strickland, Samuel Guy 1887-1919
Buried Cedar Hill Cemetery, Rusk, Chreokee County, Texas.
Guy died in San Antonio, Texas 1919.
Vi Willson Strickland was born 1891

Watkins, Robert Oscar 11-26-1876 d. 8-17-1915 (WOW) &
Watkins, Fay Willson 9-16-1878 d. 12-12-1957
Watkins, Ruth 5-19-1901 d. 4-15-1903 (daughter of R.O. & Fay)
Buried Cedar Hill Cemetery, Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas
R. O. and Fay had a daughter Ester born ca. 1905.
At the time of Guy Stricklands death Fay ann Ester were living in San Antonio.

Willson, Frank Sexton (dates in ground) (son of Sam A. & Susan)

Buried Cedar Hill Cemetery, Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas

Meeks, Elizabeth Willson. 1866-1950
Meeks, John H. (no dates)
Meeks, Carlyle Willson 8-26-1895 d. 3-25-1957 (Tex Cpl 51 Tel BN)
Meeks, Myrtle S. d. 9-14-1971
Winnie Alice Meeks, daughter of Elizabeth Lou-Ellen Meeks was born 14 Apr 1899 died Jan. 18, 1992, Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas. Buried Cedar Hill Cemetery

Children of Zee and John H. Meeks:
Hazel, Elizabeth, Ray, Carlyle, and Winnie.
Ray Braddy Meeks (b: 6 Nov 1892 in Rusk Co., Texas) married Ras Bateman( b. 8 Mar. 1793) 9 May 1916 in Dallas Co., Texas and had Vivian Elizabeth Bateman who married John Bancroft Lea. Their issue: John Patrick Lea
Hazel Meeks (b. Dec. 1887) married Mr. Robinson and had King Robinson.

Barrett, R.A. 1853-1924 &
Barrett, L.K.W. 1894-1918 &
Barrett, R.A.W. 1892-1945 &
Barrett, Lela Willson. 1869 (only date)
Buried Cedar Hill Cemetery, Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas

Whitman, Walter B. 11-8-1871 d. 10-31-1953 &
Whitman, Vivian Willson 12-6-1874 d. 9-20-1957

Buried Cedar Hill Cemetery, Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas.
Wanda Whitman, daughter of Birdie Vivian Whitman, was born 12 Jun. 1900 and died Feb. 10, 1976 in Galveston, Texas where she was taken for burn treatment after her home in Rusk burned.

On January 11, 2003 the Sons of Confederate Veterans marked the grave of Samuel Andrew Willson.  Speakers were Josh David who gave a brief history of the Willson family, Kevin Stingley, who gave information from Sam's service record and read a poem Hood's Brigade written by Mijamin Priest, and Jim Cromwell, D.A. in Rusk, who discussed Sam's codifying the criminal codes of Texas. Images from the marker dedication can be seen by clicking here.

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