Bertie Love David

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Sarah Bailey and James H. David Bible Record

Bertie Love David was born 13 Nov. 1879 in Rusk, Texas.
Bertie Love David married Charles Coleman Thompson 15 Nov. 1896 in Rusk, Texas.
Issue of Bertie Love David and Charles Cole Thompson:

Child Born Married Spouse Died
Pauline 29 Dec. 1899 24 Dec. 1924
Nov. 1934
Willis Todd Story
Powell Osburn
Walter Rowe
1 Oct. 1988
Forrest Willson 13 Dec. 1901 Did not marry     Dec. 1974
Maurice David 12 Nov. 1904     19 May 1906
Charles Coleman 4 Aug. 1908 10 Feb. 1933 Helen Treburn Perkins
Virginia Trinkle
1 Jun 2002
Jack 14 July 1913
Mission, TX
  Fay Mitchell
12 Mar. 1998
Joy 14 July 1913
Mission, TX
19 April 1957, Dallas
William Lewis 4 April 1917
Dec. 1841 Gene Black 20 Aug 2001

Bert grew up in Rusk, lived in Hemphill , Mission, Texas., and Dallas.

Forrest, Maurice, and Pauline Thompson

Forrest, Maurice , Pauline
Charles Coleman Thompson

Jack and Joy Thompson

Twins: Jack and Joy


Bert died June 13, 1965, Dallas, Texas.

Pauline Thompson Story had Kenneth Francis, Diane, and Anthony Engledow.  Kenneth married Kwi Cha Kim and had a son John, daughter, JoAnn, and son James (Jimmy). Diane married Harold Smith and had two sons Christopher and Quentin Cameron.  Tony had no children.

Charles and Virginia Trinkle had Larry  (b. ca. 1950 d. 1 July 1990), Bill, and Jo Anne.
Larry married Denise and had Amy and Jessica.
Jo Anne married a Mr. Young."
Virginia was the daughter of Iona/Jona Trinkle who died Cherokee County, Texas, 03-01-1993.

Jack had twin boys.  One who is dead.

Joy had two sons by two different men.  The older son, Terry Minette Koonan, died from gun shot.  The younger son was Ronnie Martin.

Bill and Gene Black Thompson had two sons: David and Bruce Coleman

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