Elisha Madding (Lige) Priest Elisha Madding (Lige) Priest
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Cedar Hill Cemetery

E. M. Priest served as county treasurer in 1867

E. M. Priest married Bettie MCCord Married Dec. 15, 1875 (Born Dec. 11, 1848 - Died Oct. 16, 1886)

Children of E. M. Priest and Betty McCord

Child Born Married Spouse Died
Edgar Clinton Feb. 14, 1877 23 Apr 1902 Mozelle Frazier 21 Mar 1939
Frank McCord March 8, 1879 Apr. 1908 Cora Elizabeth (Lizzie) Tittle 28 May 1961
Rupert Clyde Dec. 1, 1880 1912 Lottie Copeland 23 Jan. 1940
Mary Elizabeth Sept 29, 1886     5 Mar. 1887

The following two letters my grandmother kept in a book, The Hand of God in History,  first owned by Mrs. Mary Priest.  It was subsequently owned by E.  M. Priest,  Sarah Bailey Priest David, Bon David Tucker, and now by Frances Tucker Smyrl

Elisha Madding - Rusk, Dec. 22. 1912

Oh the snow the beautiful snow -
over the housetops over the head of
the People we meat dancing around
flitting along the beautiful snow.
(missing line due to fold in paper)
Well we are in the middle of the
biggest snow that we have had
for years and I was glad to see it.
Finds us in a rather bad shape
to ?
Mama had got me tied down
and they won' let me even
go to the post office.
Some of these times I will take
a notion that I won't work and
I will kick out of the harness
or run a way with the wagon
and that would be bad - as far
as I can tell every buddy is well
and the goose hangs high.
Mama and I dined out Christmas
took ? Ben Copelands.
every thing went off ?
Had no spats or ? or
hurt feelings
Willie Kate did you ever read the
Book of Job he shoor had
a hard time of it Job was a
good old fellow of his wife
did want him to cuss God and
(missing line due to fold in paper)
I will close this epistle by
wishing you a long and happy life
E. M. Priest

Lancaster, Texas Feby 4, 1916
Mrs. Ellen Priest,
Rusk, Texas
Dear Sister, You have
our heartfelt symnpathy
in your sad bereavement
We did not know that
Elisha was sick til a
telegram came stating
that he was dead. I know
you are all broken up
but I hope the Good
Lord will sustain
you in your troubles
We can say that a
good man has gone
 to his reward, and it
is not long til you
and I will have to go
so let us live so that
there will be no separations
of dear ons in that
heavenly home above.
My home is yours as
long as you want to
use it.  We would be
glad to have you.
Let us hear from you
 soon,  With much love
I remain your Bro
Sam Williams
Write me at Red Oak
R. A.

E. M. Priest married Mrs. Ellen E. Clark July 12, 1888

Priest, Dr. R. Clyde 1880-1940 &
Priest, Lottie C. 1892-_(Jan. 1980)___
Priest, Frank McCord 3-8-1879 d. 5-28-1961
Priest, Cora E. 1884-1971
Priest, infant birth & death 11-27-1911 (daughter of Mack & Elizabeth)
Priest, Bettie A. 12-11-1848 d. 10-16-1886 (wife of E.M.)
Buried Cedar Hill Cemetery, Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas

Edgar Priest moved to Troup in 1900 to run a mercantile business.  When Mrs. Edgar Priest (Mozelle Frazier) died May 12, 1922, the Edgar Priests were living in Lubbock. 

F. M. Priest was elected Clerk Nov. 5, 1918.  Found him listed as clerk in 1921 and Jan. 25, 1925.
Mac was living and working in Troup in the drug business when he married in 1908.  In 1940 at  the time of Clyde's death he was living in Austin, Texas.

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