Anna Laura (Bon) David Tucker

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Sarah Bailey and James H. David Bible Record

Issue of Bon David and William Francis Tucker:
Bon was born 8 July 1881, Rusk, Texas and died 30 Sept. 1971.
Bon married William Frances Tucker 10. Sept. 1905.

Child Born Married Spouse Died
Linda 31 Jan. 1910     12 Feb. 1910
Frances 14 Dec 1911 5 Sept. 1936   Herbert Bell Smyrl  

Bon about 2 years of age.

Bon as a young lass.

Frances Tucker
Frances Tucker
Frances Tucker

Frances Tucker ca. 14 or 15

Bon was born and christened Anna Laura David.  The Laura came from the name of a Rusk music teacher, Laura Fillio.  As a young child her grandfather, Mijamin Priest, would sit her on his knee and sing "For my Bonnie Annie Laurie I would Lay Me Down and Die."  Hence over time she became Bon.  She requested that the name "Bon" be placed on her tombstone for she said, if people looked at the tombstone and saw the name Anna Laura they would think that was Will's other wife.  Well, her tombstone reads Bon David Tucker, but since my grandmother lived such a long life there was no one left to think such.  One by one "the girls" of her Canasta group died and only she remained.  She outlived all of her brothers and sisters and enjoyed life right to the end.

William Francis Tucker died 10 P.M. 19 Jan 1943, Jacksonville, Texas.

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