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Cedar Hill Cemetery

Issue of Eugene Albert Priest and Ellen Jones

Child Born Married Spouse Died
Corry A. May 1884      
Walter Clide 20 May 1885     22 Oct. 1886
Kate Feb. 1887   Mr. Ramsey  
Linnie Oct. 1888 Nov. 1905 John Armstrong  
Sally 24 Aug 1990     20 Nov. 1893
Lela 7 July 1892   Jack Masters Dec. 1980 Dallas
Mac Feb. 1894      
Bertie ca. 27 July 1896     27 Aug 1896
Lucile ca. June 20 1897     20 Sept 1897
Berke Milton Aug. 1898      
Ella ca. 29 Mar. 1901     29 July 1901
Nanette  1904     Aug or Sept 1905

For Sallie from her sister Ella Dec. 1, 1909

Ella Jones Priest, Kate Priest, unknown daughter of Ella, and grandaughter

Ella with two of her daughters and granddaughter. Kate Priest in hat. Ella Jones Priest on right.


Kate Priest
Kate Priest Ramsey


Linnie Priest
Linnie Priest



Eugene Albert was a printer by trade. He owned the Times in New Birmingham which is pictured in the image below. There are four men in the image. Two of which are unknown. Eugene Albert is second from the lift while his nephew, Eugene Stanhope David, is pictured third from left in printers apron.

I do not know when Eugene Albert moved to Dallas.  His daughter Nanette was born November or December of 1904 and died in August or September of 1905.  She is buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Rusk, Texas.  In 1906 Corry Priest is listed as coming from Dallas to visiting relatives in the area.  Paper dated 18 July 1913 mentions that Eugene Albert, publisher of The Sentinel, had moved to Dallas since disposing of the Sentinel. 

Eugene Albert second from left, Eugene Stanhope David, third from left

Priest, Little Lucile d. 9-20-1897 (3 months) (daughter of E.A. & Ella)
Priest, Little Bertie d. 8-27-1896 (1 month) (daughter of E.A. & Ella)
Priest, Sallie 8-24-1890 d. 11-20-1893 (daughter of E.A. & Ella)
Priest, Walter Clide 8-20-1885 d. 10-22-1886 (son of E.A. & Ella)
Priest, Little Ella d. 7-29-1901 (4 months) (daughter of E.A. & Ella)
Buried Cedar Hill Cemetery, Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas.

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