Mijamin Dale and Catherine Priest Mijamin Dale Priest

Online References:
Confederate Burials Oakwood Cemetery, Fort Worth

Child Born Married Spouse Died
Robertine Mar. 1874   San H. Harrelson 1901
Mijamin Dale Jr. 12 May 1876     19 Oct 1911
Robert Woodill Jan 1879      
Kathryn Louise 17 Sept. 1881   Pierce Sebastian Jan 1968
William Stuart July 1884      
Alfred Evans Aug 1889   Fern 1948
Lawrence Gilbert Dec 1891   Lyle Kimmel?


Allen Harrell Sept. 1894   Jessie  
Catherine Woodill

Kathryn Priest Sebastian and Pierce

Believed to be one of the sons of Mijamin Dale Priest

Believed to be a son of Mijamin Dale


Mijamin Dale and Kathryn Priest
and boy  whom we believe to be a son.

Catherine Woodill Priest
Mijamin Dale Priest Believed to be a son of Mijamin Dale


I received the following from Diane Story Smith

Sebastian - I believe that was Aunt Kathryn's last name - seems to me Uncle Pierce was Pierce Sebastian. I never knew aunt Kathryn's exact relationship to us. I don't believe she was a Priest. She lived in Arlington. Kept white leghorn hens and sold eggs. She also raised canaries and had a Collie dog named Betty and a Shetland pony named Tony. We used to go out and ride Tony. He often unlatched the gate and ran away. Betty was known to go and find him and shepherd him home. Gossip was that Aunt Kathryn was the "engine" of the egg ranch and made things go. - - that Pierce wasn't worth much. You never know, it could have been a family envy gossip thing. Suppose it was Pierce's money that bought the hens that laid the eggs? I know she drove an old Ford truck to deliver them. I remember two things about her house. The driveway was lined with dusty miller plants and the dusty miller had a lot of frogs in it - - the plants looked silver in the moonlight. Her canaries were in a big flight cage on her big back porch and if one got loose, Betty could catch it and not hurt it and give it to Aunt Kathryn. Her side of the family seemed to live in Fort Worth.She, I think, was about Aunt Lula's age - but to me, everyone seemed about Aunt Lula's age.

Robbie Catherine Harrelson, only child of Robertine Priest and Sam H. Harrelson , married Charles Hudson Shubert.

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