Mijamin Priest and His Descendants
A Pictorial History

This site is dedicated to the memory of Mijamin Priest and Mary Ann Hicks It is designed as a means for various family members to share pictures and information. Those with pictures and information to share please contact Shannon Smyrl. Be aware that pages do not load fast since they are image oriented.

The collage on the home page consists of images of Mijamin Priest, Mary Ann Hicks Priest, Larissa College and the M. Priest home in Rusk Texas. The home is still occupied.

A comprehensive history of Mijamin Priest and His Family can be obtained from the family of
Ruth Priest Dixon
10450 Lottsford Road #2217
Mitchellville, MD 20721
Ruth departed her earthly body August, 2004

Information from The Mijamin Priest Family Bible can be found online

The 1850 Census of Tyler County, Texas:

Cedar Hill Cemetery

To Mijamin and Mary Ann were born the following children:

Child Born Married Spouse Died
Margaret Jane Jan. 30, 1834 Jan. 1, 1855 William H. Willson Oct. 13, 1861
Susan Elizabeth Jan. 7, 1836 Sept. 1, 1853 Samuel A. Willson  
Henry Meredith April 13, 1838     Aug . 17, 1862 POW
Elisha Madding Nov. 16, 1840 Dec. 15, 1875
July 12, 1888
Bettie McCord
Ellen E. Clark
William Hicks Dec. 27, 1842     June 30, 1862 POW
Mijamin Dale May 30, 1845 22 Jan. 1873 Catherine Woodill  
Mary Ann Sept. 20, 1848 Oct. 17, 1872 William L. Byrd May 8, 1882
Harriet Lou-Ellen April 26, 1851 7 July 1871 Thomas Sheriff  
Sarah Baily 26 July 1852 Feb. 22, 1870
30 Sept., 1900
William L. David
James H. David
21 Nov. 1940
Arthur Franklin Nov. 8, 1853     Feb. 22, 1856
Eugene Albert Dec. 31, 1856 June 13, 1883 Ellen Jones  


Of the 11 children of Mijamin and Mary Ann Priest we know of only five are known to have lived past the age of 35. A picture of four of the five is below. Harriet Lou-Ellen is the mystery child. She married Thomas Sheriff and moved from Cherokee County. Anyone having information on Harriet please contact Shannon Smyrl.


Sarah Bailey Priest David, Eugene Alberrt Priest, Elisha Madding Priest,Mijamin Dale Priest

Sarah Baily Priest David      Eugene Albert Priest
Elisha Madding Priest      Mijamin Dale Priest

The following two pictures are believed to be pictures of some of the Priest children.  They were kept in a metal cigar box in Sara Bailey Priest David's trunk along with tin type of Mary Ann Priest.  At the moment I have no pictures identified to be Margaret Jane,  Harriet Lou-Ellen, or Mary Ann Turner Priest

Believed to be two daughters of Mijamin Priest

Susan Elizabeth Priest on left.
Believed to be one of the daughters of Mijamin Priest and her family.

I have wondered if this is Harriet Lou-Ellen who married Thomas Sheriff who was with the Texas State Troopers?  Could that be a badge on man's coat or is it only a default in the tintype? .  It could also be Margaret Jane and William H. Willson..
Family traditon is that Mijamin had to sentence a man to prison thus making this man's daughter a ward of the court. Mijamin took the duaghter into his home.  The 1880 Census of Cherokee County, Texas shows Emma in the M. Priest household.

The following entry is found in the M. Priest Bible.  Emma Wood - Pearl - Born July 6, 1868 Taken from the Family Record.

Emma married Jim Peel.  19 Nov. 1885, Cherokee Countyt, Texas.  Emma and her family were lifetime friends of the descenants of M. Priest.

Pictured:  Jim Peel and his son Clyde.

Jim and Clyde Peel

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